Cover Reveal

AccompliceAll the new widow Jessica Kingsbury wants is a quiet new life away from the Hollywood spotlight that made her infamous. But the paparazzi aren’t the only ones interested in dredging every sordid secret they can from her past.

All FBI agent Noah Grayson wants is to uncover the mastermind of a blackmail plot that touches the nation’s highest ranking politicians. All the clues lead straight to Jessica’s late husband, who died under suspicious circumstances. Though his instincts tell him that that the beautiful model is no criminal, he can’t help but wonder how much she knew about her dead husband’s business dealings.

Then a diamond necklace with ties to the blackmailer is stolen from the Kingsbury mansion, and Jessica begins receiving death threats. She must decide whether she can trust the handsome agent with her secrets and her life, not to mention her heart.

Coming November 25, 2014.

The Christmas Affair

SoulMateChristmasMy latest story, The Christmas Affair, is on sale today at Amazon as part of the All I Want For Christmas is a Soul Mate anthology.  It contains twenty holiday-themed short stories, all genres, all romance.  Perfect for a quick read with a cup of cocoa.

The Christmas Affair is the story of Harriet, who made a short appearance in The Paris Affair.  She’s a mousy engineer whose life has taken some exciting new turns since the events of The Paris Affair. And, she has decided to make a few changes in her personal life. The trouble is, her husband prefers the old Harriet.

Available on Amazon.